Our Story

Our love for the water, nature, adventure, travel and family brought us together.     

 On one of our family trips we stayed on a houseboat on the coast of Florida.  We enjoyed the long sunny and warm days full of fishing, paddling, snorkeling and eating.  Soaking up the sun and fresh salty air must have inspired us as we doodled our first version of DON SUP on a pad of paper left for notes in the           cabin.  We all seemed to like the little guy as it reminded us of a character ready for some action.  As time passed, we found the DON SUP doodle again and an idea was sparked:  A cool symbol of a brand of clothes and gear that would combine our love for being outdoors, being active, having fun and making            memories WITH our love for helping out mother nature whenever we can as individuals and a family.                                                                        

   DON SUP is our special brand of active clothing and gear for people seeking a combined life of adventure-filled experiences WITH contribution and service for     the planet and it’s people.  Our passion is the journey of growing this idea from the ground up and using sustainable methods and resources whenever possible. 


  Why not Shark Tank? 

  Because we like our sharks wild and free!  Seriously though, we prefer small scale, ecologically-minded sources to produce our products whenever we can.  We are not into  mass production, but we are into small batch, short runs that we hope will lessen any negative impact on our natural resources.                             

 DON SUP’s motto is “Chivalry is NOT dead!”  

Join us and help us in making small positive impacts on a global scale!  Buying a DON SUP™ product means you are part of a movement of people that want to contribute, not just consume.  You want to be a part of a solution, not part of the problem.  Please see our short stories (What's Up With DON SUP™?) of people just like you that have combined their love of adventure with helping others and/or the planet.                                                                                            

  Join us and share with us your adventures full of heart pumping action, together with heart warming memories because we all know that when you do...